The harm of the empty stomach running for running is recommended to run the benefits of the top ten amazing benefits, do you know a few?

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What are the benefits of running? Everyone knows that there are many benefits to running, so do you know what benefits? Let me specifically introduce the benefits of running?

Healthy running for healthy running 10 benefits.

1. Farewell to the bloated figure.

Many people start running because of weight loss, and running the best way to lose weight. Running is more calories burn every minute than other sports.

2. Prevent your bones and muscle degeneration.

Our bones coordinate with your physical needs. We sitting in front of the monitor for a long time make our bones more and more fragile. And long -term, often exercise will keep your bones healthy. Furthermore is to prevent aging in our body faster. Frequent high -intensity exercises, such as running, proved to promote the growth of hormones in the human body. Hormon is a potion that celebrities continue to inject in order to look younger.

3. Resistance

Running can reduce the risk of stroke and breast cancer. Frequent running has become a doctor’s treatment for the treatment of patients who are prone to or in early osteoporosis, diabetes, and hypertension patients.

4. Maintain and improve the overall physical level.

Running is the best exercise that people can take. It can increase cholesterol, reduce the risk of blood clots, and exercise 50%of your lungs that are often idle. Running can also enhance your immunity by increasing your lymphocytes.

5. Make you more confident.

Jogging like other single sports, it can enhance your self -confidence. Running for you to complete the attempts again and again, making you stronger and more sure of yourself. He lets you truly cross a mountain peak and pass through a certain obstacle. I realize that your body is stronger and more useful. You will get the feeling of being given power and freedom. Self -confidence is the precious wealth of the runners who successfully lose weight through running and get the ideal figure in their hearts.

6. Relax yourself and reduce stress.

Jogging can move Nie’s attention, bathing in the scenery of the road, your troubles will definitely disappear.

Long -distance running is suitable for those who are in a bunch of headaches and annoying things. Is there a better idea of u200bu200bcleaning up in two hours of long -distance running and soothing your nerves.

If you feel abnormally depressed at this time, why not run for it, then you will have a good mood.

7. The famous u0026 ldquo; runner’s peak experience u0026 rdquo;

Including releaseStress, jog is proven to improve your mentality. Running, especially in outdoor and travel, will release a material to the body to make you feel a sense of happiness (runner’s peak experience) or a feeling of happiness. Running has been used for clinical depression, addiction, etc. for many years. Less pressure, less depression, less fatigue, and less confusion. After a period of time, the patients quickly changed. Running makes them pay attention to the objects, let them see that in addition to their negative state and indulgence, there are some good things.

8. Exercise your mind.

Like helping your body, running is also very helpful for your mind. By overcoming a series of obstacles in running, you have learned to focus and determination. After experiencing those long -distance running or other projects you have to give up, you will find that the will and your body you have during the running process will allow you to be in other There are the same focus and determination.

9. Enhance the spirit of cooperation.

It is also a very good benefit. This benefits may be surprised by many people, because people think that running cannot get this benefit, just because running is a single -player movement. But running sometimes involves cooperation with each other. Traveling, especially in those places with poor road conditions, require great awareness of cooperation. There are often some obstacles such as stones and shrubs that are often difficult to run.

10. Another place anytime, anywhere, simple.

Not many sports can be anywhere, almost no equipment is required. I dare to be sure that the ancient Greeks would argue that or even shoes and clothes. Today, we just need a good pair of running shoes and then start. From the center of the city to the suburbs, the whole world is waiting for your exploration. Do you often travel around? There will definitely be space in your suitcase to install your sneakers. This world is your gym, go again and discover it again.

Good run in the morning or evening?

It is suitable for exercise at 6 to 8 am

There are differences in the physical condition of boys and girls, and the exercise is not similar. After collective exercise in the morning, the evening arrangement should reflect characteristics and differences. Boys are relatively powerful and can be weighed, dumbbells, basketball, football, etc. Girls are flexible in their bodies and can arrange gymnastics, fitness exercises, bicycles, swimming, etc.

Generally speaking, the suitable exercise time in the morning is between 6:00 and 8:00, and the suitable exercise time in the evening is five or six. After half an hour, dinner can be taken. It is not absolutely half an hour in the morning and evening, it is best to adjust according to the season. Summer morning is the coolest time of the day. The exercise time can be longer. The weather in the evening is too hot, and the exercise time can be shorter. In the opposite of winter, the exercise time can be shortened in the morning, and the shortcomings can be supplemented in the evening. alsoIn summer, the weather is too hot, and some indoor sports such as swimming can be arranged appropriately.

What needs to be reminded is that exercise is not necessarily healthy. For primary and secondary school students, 9 to 10 hours of sleep should be maintained every day. If you want to get up early in order to pursue the effect of exercise, it will be damaged to the body. Successful sleep, balanced nutrition, and appropriate exercise can only bring health to people. In addition, before exercise in the morning, be sure to eat liquid foods such as milk and drinks. Take a little better at noon, don’t eat fast food without moving.

The harm of fasting running, many people will choose to run and fitness, and also feel that running can achieve the effect of fitness weight loss, but it must be clear that running can not cause some harm to the human body. Let’s talk about the harm of fasting running!

The hazard of fasting running

1. There are many places in the empty stomach

Although many people know that the empty stomach running is not good, most of the athletes are in accordance with this. not pay attention to. Health experts believe that fasting and fasting sports have greatly harmed the human body.

Therefore, our normal exercise needs to be maintained, and our people’s original energy is mainly from food. If the running exercise is performed on an empty stomach, the energy of maintaining exercise can only rely on consuming fat.

This is also one of the reasons for people to lose weight through exercise.

In addition, the empty stomach will lead to a significant increase in free fatty acids in human blood. If free fatty acids are excessive, it will cause the myocardial u0026 ldquo; poison u0026 rdquo; Human arrhythmia is abnormal and even sudden death.

Drink water in the morning, but it is not advisable to drink before the morning run

Drinking a glass of boiling water every morning is good for your health, but if you want to run, you should drink it. Run for 20 minutes after the water. Long -term fasting running may cause u0026 ldquo; qi u0026 rdquo; and stomach disease and other diseases.

If you have the habit of running in the morning, you should drink water 20 to 30 minutes in advance, but it is not advisable to drink too much water. Drinking water in the morning can alleviate the water shortage of last night and adjust the concentration of the body fluid to make it a balanced state; and it is conducive to the metabolites that have accumulated one night in time to discharge in the body in time. After the end of the running (15 minutes of rest), the water should be appropriately supplemented. The best thing is that the appropriate amount of saline is more conducive to health.

Running or running immediately after meals will cause gastric acid pointsThe reduction of the secretion will affect the digestion of food. Over time, it will cause stomach problems. Generally, exercise after one hour after meals is better, running before bedtime is not good, exercise before going to bed will make the cerebral cortex highly excited, produce more dreams or not. Adverse reactions that are easy to fall asleep.

2. The effect of running sweat and weight loss

Exercise sweating can speed up the body’s body fluid circulation and metabolic process, and discharge the lactic acid, urea, ammonia and other toxins accumulated in the body. The smooth system of skin, lungs, and large intestine can also control blood pressure, promote digestion, and prevent osteoporosis. The most important thing is to make you lose weight.

But this is not the case. Running sweating has a certain effect on weight loss, but it is not an inevitable causal relationship between sweating and weight loss. Excessive sweating during running may be the cause of the disease. If you have a lot of sweating when you have rheumatic diseases and tuberculosis, the sequelae of the encephalitis are often accompanied by sweating. If this happens, you should go to the hospital for relevant examinations in time.

The more sweating does not mean the better the weight loss effect

The excretion of sweat has the effect of regulating body temperature, and at the same time excreted some metabolic waste. Under normal circumstances, sweating is a reflection activity. The secretion of sweat glands can be caused by warm stimulation or mental tension. When the heat causes the vascular dilatation, water in the blood transmits heat to the surface of the skin, and then evaporates with sweat, and the heat is transmitted to the surrounding environment. In high temperature environments, the amount of sweat of the human body can reach 8-12 liters per day.

Normal sweating is beneficial to human health, but too much sweating may cause the human body to dewater, thereby symptoms such as dizziness and abdominal pain. In addition, the process of sweating is mainly to distribute excess heat in the body. A large number of sweats cause the human body to be in a state of water loss. It can only temporarily reduce weight. Real weight loss should be to reduce fat. Appropriate exercise every day, consume a certain amount of calories, consume a certain amount of calories In this way, we can achieve effective weight loss.

Slimming suggestions for running

The first step: the delusion of running the marathon when you give up

Running needs to be gradual. If you are discomfort, you still refuse to stop. If you want to complete 5 kilometers of running, you can try to start throughout the process, and then perform a alternating movement of 3 kilometers with 3 kilometers of running, and finally jog 5 kilometers. This allows your body to slowly adapt to the intensity of exercise and will not cause exercise damage.

Step 2: Of course, there must be stress

When you run to the first five kilometers, you may feel that this should be enough. Running five kilometers is enough to maintain it. healthy. But in fact, the fun of running lies in continuously surpassing its own limit. You can try to shorten the five -kilometer unit time or try to add a distance. However, I still want to remind you that you must respect your body and step by step.

Step 3: Be sure to persist

Compared with the lack of physical fitness, it is true that you can vomit blood for two steps. Maybe you suddenly run a long run, or you want to catch up with the trend, so you buy enough equipment to start running, but you have disappeared after two days of freshness. The big mistake is special! Running needs to be gradual. Once you give up and persist in running, you have to drift water before.

The fourth step: running also needs to be learned

You may think that running is the simplest exercise, so there is nothing to learn, but this is wrong. The most basic thing is to warm up: First, write rice characters slowly with your head, and use your hands to make your toes. This can prevent spine and cervical spine injuries. Secondly, the left and right legs take turns to take a bow. Finally, a small jump on the place throwing a completely relaxed arm and activating your muscles. For these preparations, you can ready Go.

Step 5: Shoes are the most important investment

It is no exaggeration to say that the most economical and affordable in all sports during running is running anytime, anywhere. But don’t just put on a pair of your skateboards or basketball shoes casually, and go out to run. This is very unprofessional. You should choose a pair of running shoes or multi -functional training shoes. The special design will not only reduce the damage to the knee of running, but also reduce your fatigue and discomfort when running for a long time.

Step 6: Only a fool will do if a fool is running on an empty stomach

If you are going to lose weight, you can run with Venus to run, which is very stupid. First, it will cause hypoglycemia. You may faint on the road, and it will greatly increase cardiovascular disease. Secondly, this not only does not improve your physical fitness, but also has a negative impact on health. Therefore, if you want to run directly to the gym after get off work, make sure you eat some easy -to -digest carbohydrates.

Step 7: Don’t run without drinking enough water

In addition to being able to drink water, it is also necessary to do before running. The danger of not drinking water is greater, especially in the summer, don’t wait until you feel thirsty before you think of drinking water, because that’s your body is already in a state of water shortage. And if your body is short of water, you may terminate running in advance, because your body does not allow you to overdraft.

Step 8: Running is not just endurance

Do not blindly pursue endurance and distance. Running is actually a training for the comprehensive quality of the body. You may need to do some muscle training because this can increase your speed and endurance. The method of exercising muscles is very simple. Squatting up and frog jump is simple and effective. In addition, you can try to do some back running when you are okay, and you can also increase your physical flexibility by the way.

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