Diet health: drink salt water in the morning, okay?

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Diet health

Whether drinking salt water in the morning is good for health, each has their own views. Some people even show their own personal experience. In response to this issue, Yu Kangyou, deputy director of the clinical nutrition department of Beijing Union Hospital, as follows. Opinions.

1. It is unnecessary to drink light saline in the morning.

The purpose of drinking water in the morning is to supplement the water lost the night before and dilute the blood.

Research and practice shows that Baikaishui is the best choice to undertake this task.

Any drinks containing salt, sugar, oil, or both, can not play a health effect of boiled water regardless of the concentration.

On the contrary, it may cause further concentration of blood.

Under normal physiological situation, the human body’s need for salt is very small, only 2 to 3 grams per day, and the natural diet can be satisfied.

If there is no large amount of sweat or other special needs, there is no need to drink light saline, especially there is no need to develop the habit of drinking light salt water.

Sometimes it is an effective way to disinfect the oral cavity or alleviate the swelling of the throat. It is an effective way to rinse mouthwash, but this is not the same as drinking fresh salt water.

2. There is a certain risk of drinking light saline in the morning.

Regardless of health, patients with hypertension, or patients with high blood pressure (such as diabetes, etc.), increased salt intake may increase blood pressure.

For healthy people, the result of increased blood pressure may not cause blood pressure to go out of bounds, but for patients with hypertension, it may be worse than snow, resulting in fluctuations in the condition.

In addition, for everyone, the morning is the highest blood viscosity in the morning, and the blood pressure also reaches the first peak. For patients with heart disease, early morning is the most dangerous period of disease fluctuations. Essence

Therefore, any factors that promote increased blood pressure, such as drinking light saline, should be avoided.

This should pay particular attention to patients with hypertension.

3. There are different individuals and groups.

In diet, individuals and groups are two concepts.

Sometimes we encounter such a situation: Some people eat more salt, but blood pressure does not increase.

In fact, this is not strange that the views of u0026 mdash; so -called u0026 ldquo; high -salt intake leading to increased blood pressure u0026 rdquo; from the perspective of the group, it is the principle of most individuals in the group.

But specific to individuals, due to individual differences, the situation may be different. A small number of people may have various differences, but they cannot deny the general principles applicable to groups due to the special nature of an individual.

From a scientific perspective, individuals adoptedThe basic principles of the group to guide your own diet are the safer and suitable practices.

Specific to this example, if the individual can avoid the principle of high -salt intake of this group, then the diet risk factors that cause increased blood pressure can minimize the diet.

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